That’s a really cool thing ‘ya made there…

We believe the best way to sell products is honestly. That, and using complicated marketing algorithms that were written by scary supercomputers. Regardless, there are a lot of amazing things out there (and a lot of crap ones), which is where we come in. We’re ready to craft an interesting and engaging video to showcase that wonderful thing you make.




Kickstarter Video

How do you stand out in a crowded market? Phillip Sauerbeck, the creator of the Calendarium, partnered with us to make his minimal journal rise above the rest of the offerings featured on Kickstarter. We approached the challenge by showing how the Calendarium would be used in daily life through the use of story, connecting the viewer to a real person and the person to the object. Knowing that video is a potential backer's first interaction with the product, we knew we had to deliver a visually engaging piece that communicated what the product was, why it’s great, and how to use it, all under a two minute run time. Find out more about the project here.