Handsome Pizza

When Will and Matt of Handsome Pizza sat down with us to discuss creating these ads, they wanted to stress one thing. They care about making good pizza. That's it.

After watching them work and doing our own research it was clear that they had a passion for the details. They paid close attention to everything from flour to water ratio, to the chemical interactions inherent to the baking process, to the sourcing of their ingredients, and a genuine, unadorned respect and care for the day to day process of their work.

Knowing this, we focused on using close-ups of their process, mixed with beauty shots of the pizza itself. But ultimately, it wasn’t hard to stay true to their wishes. The pizza looks good because it is good. That's on them, not us.

Follow Handsome Pizza on Instagram to see the spots as they roll out over the next few months and stop by to try the ever-changing and delicious menu. 

  • Color Correction

  • Motion Graphics

  • Content Rollout Strategy

  • Concept Creation

  • Principle Photography

  • Editing