Branding with a capital ANDING

Describing yourself can be difficult. It’s probably why your online dating profile is doing so poorly. That’s why we’re here. You know you’ve got something special, so let us tell that story. And let’s take down that picture of you in the vest. It’s terrible.



Seastar Bakery

Social Ads for Instagram

Annie and Katia, the owners of Seastar Bakery, are dedicated and wonderful people. They hadn’t done a lot of social marketing but had done a great job of cultivating and engaging their Instagram presence. We used that established base to grow their reach in Portland by creating engaging ads that would grab attention. Then they fed us amazing food because, as we said, they’re amazing people.


“Every time I look at the video, it brings me joy. And it was clear, from the response when we posted it, that the folks out in Instagram land felt the same way. We got so many enthusiastic responses from our regulars, cheering us on, but also lots of folks seeing our process and product for the first time."



Handsome Pizza

Social Ads for Instagram

Will and Matt, the owners of Handsome Pizza, don’t like to mess around with complicated marketing tactics. They like to focus on their craft. So when we partnered together, we knew we had to highlight their passion. They wouldn’t let us call it “The Passion of the Pizza” though. Bummer.



Cascadia Motors

Social Video

Working with Weston was lovely because he came to us and said, “I want something funny to put online.” Sometimes a lack of restrictions allows for the most room to play — and we love to play. So, working with our friends at Dad's House Comedy (of which we are members), we developed twenty ideas, refined them down to five scripts and eventually settled on the concept of "The Flavor."